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  • A tribute to Rohan Kishibe

    19 octubre, 2019 by

    “I’ll only say this once.You say you wanted to surpass me…this is something you’ll learn with age.It’s not actually that hard to surpass someone.If you want to surpass someone, it’s much harder… it’s much harder to surpass yourself. Allow me to demonstrate by overcoming my own fate!” Rohan to Ken the rock,paper scissors kid Disclaimer:this… Más información

  • Why part 3 is the worst JoJo part by far.

    8 octubre, 2019 by

    Disclaimer this post will cover the manga specifically as a I didn’t watch the anime and if you enjoy part 3 oviously more power to you I just hope you can enjoy this post and understand my reasoning regardless and finally if I get something wrong please let me know. Pacing in simple words: pacing is moving a story forward… Más información

  • Why Halloween is the best holiday

    2 octubre, 2019 by

    I don’t like horror stories.I like the concept of horror,the concept of being creeped out,the concept of tension rising and the fear that causes,but the problem that I often have with horror stories is that,to put it simply,I don’t find them scary,often times even hilarious.A perfect example of this are the Junji Ito works:from tomie… Más información

  • A introduction.

    15 septiembre, 2019 by

    Hi my real name is Enzo.I love manga,I love anime and I love stories in general.In my love from storyteling I hope to meet new people chat and learn about writing because I’m not a particular great one or even a mediocre one at that.I’m planing on take curses to study and learn to draw.Now… Más información

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