The most RELATABLE anime characters.

How is everybody doing?Now,I personally never did a “describe yourself in x amount of fictional characters”before and this is because when judging a character how “relatable” they are its a non factor for me,I’m usually thinking about them in terns of how they affect the plot and themes of the story in their own context and I honestly never though of any character as “whoa that’s literally me” but after much introspection with myself I think I got some.Now why a blog post instead of a twitter tread as I originally intended? Well as we all know Twitter is very limited in what you can say in the character limit,and by going much more in dept here I though I could make a more worthwhile post and who knows?Maybe you get to know me a bit better!Now this post will contain SPOILERS for some of the characters series I will talk about,not for every series mind you but I believe is necessary for talking about why I relate to this characters,so if you see someone you don’t recognize I advice you to scroll down quickly.Also as some of you already know I did a extremely personal post in some of my insecurities and personality issues and while I don’t think its MANDATORY to get to know me as hopefully i provide all the context in this post and hell i won’t even recommend reading it,given how personal and somewhat depressing it is,you can check it out if you want more elaboration in why I considered myself this way .And btw I obviously don’t relate to these characters in EVERY, or even most,levels but I do see multiple aspects of myself in them. With all that out the way let’s get started!

Johnny Joestar

I relate to multiple aspects of Johnny,more so than any other character:he’s aggressive,egotistical against people that he doesn’t value but not completely selfish in that regard,enjoys making random jokes with his friends,has issues with his dad who is disappointed in him and most importantly;his journey to adulthood.Johnny’s past makes him view himself “in negative” fighting trough the whole story to “get himself back to zero” thinking that any misfortune is deserved and generally having little value in himself despite his selfish attitude and as someone who for the longest time got very little confidence in himself and life I can feel that struggle. Yet because of a friend (or in my case friends) that was kind to him and gave him hope he started to slowly gain confidence again and view the value in life and started to be more productive and “walk again”.So I’m taking this part of the post to thank my friends and everyone who was nice to me.Thanks for putting up with my bullshit^^

Chitoge Kirisaki

Allow me to explain this one:trough the history Chitoge is shown to have a short temper,violent and overall though personality but in despite of this she has a very vulnerable side being easily happy by praise, liking to help her friends,being scared of simple things and having fear of rejection and wanting acceptance by the ones she loves,fearing them not loving back due to her toxic personality and tomboysh(or in my case feminity)And I relate to ALL THAT.As someone who is aggressive IRL,as someone who is afraid of bugs and people he cares for not longing accepting him,as someone who was called “marikita”(Google it)by his own parents due to being physically weack and a crybaby,and as someone who always find happiness in being treated kindly and helping his friends in every way he can I find Chitoge relatable, sometimes more so than Johnny.And sure I’m not smart,cute,in love with anyone ATM and i am not a tsundere but I still find Chitoge one of the most “me” characters ever for the reasons listed above.Also we’re both hot;).

Kyriuu Moeka

Moeka its a character I can relate for one simple reason:she is much more adapted to make relationships online than IRL. Now my relationships online is obviously different from Moeka as I never was tricked by a evil organization to make its dirty work for it but the struggle of felling down in your luck IRL just to gain a form of conform online is one the most “literally me” things I encountered in a character.Ever.

Killua Zoldyck

You’re not a true weeb unless you have a opinion on hxh,yes?Well here’s why I relate to the single most beloved character in the franchise!Killua is a checky,cheerful boy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind but more often than enough holds his tongue, he’s also prone to being embarrassed by praise and values his friends. But the most relatable thing of Killua for me its (much like Johnny) his arc.Due to the curse of his brother (or in my case family and other factors) Killua tends to give up to quickly when faced with a situation he’s not sure to win and its generally burdened by his family expectations on him.As some of you already know my dad doesn’t like the fact that I’m bi.He doesn’t “discriminate”against me per say and he claims he loves me but he also made it clear that he doesn’t approve of it and I can tell he’s even more disappointed in me that he already was and that we grew even more distant and as mentioned before I was often called a pussy and way to feminine names by my own parents because I’m weak.But because of being accepted by others Killua its able to claim the life he wants and overcome his weakness. Weeeeellll, that last part its still a work in progress for me.I’m able to accept the fact that I’m bi and that I don’t have to listen to my family now,but I’m still need to work in becoming a less “give up happy person”. Life its hard sometimes.

Shikamaru Nara

Much like Moeka I relate to Shikamaru for one simple thing:he’s a lazy boy who doesn’t want to work at his full potential because…. well he’s lazy.Shikamaru is just someone who wants to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and live peacefully but he’s more than ready to put up the work when necessary and eventually gets more active over time.Still not gonna stop procrastinating thought as I still need to get to the last part>:)

Yabuki Joe

I relate to some of the more toxic aspects of Joe unfortunately through more so IRL than online.He’s violent and aggressive when things don’t go his way as some of you already know i am too: and he was very selfish through much of the history tough he got to value his friends and boxing more later,he also grow much distant of the people that care about him because of his toxic personality particularly his stubbornness to keep punching forward at the expense of himself and wanting to see his dream and passion through the end.And while nothing AS tragic as what happened to Joe has happened to me as I never died for my dreams and the people who are my family aren’t THAT distant to me I still am a stubborn and aggressive loner fuck who,even though I like to think got better at dealing with his own personality still let shines its rotten head at times.Hopefully I get better at this and end up as a better and more passive person at the end.

In conclusion:

Hopefully you guys got to know me a bit better trough this post and even if you didn’t care for me,still found something of value in it.So what do you think?Did i make a good job explaining myself?And what are some of the most relatable characters to you guys?Thank you so much for reading and see you next time,BYE!

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Work in progress.

4 comentarios sobre “The most RELATABLE anime characters.

  1. Alright, because you requested it, I’ll also provide some feedback here beyond my general thoughts as I read. Gonna start with my general thoughts first though.

    Anime characters that I relate to? I’ve never really thought about it. I’d have to put some thought into it and really spend some time sifting through all the shows I’ve watched (meaning looking on MAL and going, probably X from Y). Actually… this may have been one of the 30 Days of Anime questions when I did that awhile back on my blog, so maybe I already answered it? XD I’ll try and give this some thought.

    When it came to your picks though, I didn’t know all of them so that was interesting. The one I didn’t know at all was Chitoge Kirisaki, the rest I knew or, at the very least, know of the show they are in. I noticed a theme in your picks though, a lot of them are really angry/violent but also good natured. You make yourself sound a little scary though >.< I'm sure you are very nice however 🙂

    Now, onto more "proper" feedback. Here's some stuff you did well:

    * You did explain yourself well, I understood why you picked all the characters you did.
    * I liked that you asked for engagement at the end of your article with, "…what are some of the most relatable characters to you guys?"
    * It was cool to see you link to some other articles that explain more about yourself, since the point of this article is to get to know you better, this is a nice addition that readers will likely pursue.

    As to some things that could use improvement, of course, these are just suggestions mind you:

    * It would have been great to have the show each character was from listed. Not everybody is going to know what show you are talking about, and they may want to see the show you mention if a character sounds interesting. Take Chitoge for example, I don't know the show there, so maybe I would want to look into it now.

    * I've noticed a trend in writers who aren't native English speakers/writers, so this is not just a "you" thing, however, one thing that would help a LOT with how easy your stuff is to read is remembering to use spaces after punctuation. You do this /sometimes/, but not consistently. Example:

    You have a lot of sentences like this,where you just don't add the spaces between the ","and other punctuation such as "?"or the ".",which just makes your work visually noisy.

    Compared to this, which is a little easier to follow. It's not a big deal, but by doing this consistently instead of just sometimes, your writing will look cleaner. More people will be willing to read what you have to say this way.

    * To the above point, I would also be aware of run-on sentences, or those REALLY long sentences you have. An example of this is actually most of your opening paragraph. Try to avoid saying things like, "these are my thoughts and I am writing this because I love the characters and think about them, but also the story, and etc…" Each of these can be separate ideas, that by separating out into more complete thoughts, allows you the benefit to better explain yourself while keeping your writing cleaner.

    Again, I know that English isn't your native language, so you are doing pretty good really. These two grammar things would just help make your writing even better since you are writing in English. Trust me, if I wrote in Spanish, as an example, I'm sure you'd understand me but I wouldn't be perfect either.

    I hope that this feedback was helpful to you 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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